Formula E Presents
 It’s not yet sunrise, we start mid shot introducing Jason Statham’s cameo appearance as our Formula E driver for the test drive examination today. He confidently pulls his driving gloves on ready to set off.
 Cutting to another mid shot a group of expert mechanics who are busy making final checks to ensure Jason’s comfort and comprehension of the test. Everything must go according to protocol…
 Wide shot of the basic assessment laid out for Jason in his Gen 2 car. He looks straight forward and thinks ‘that’s manageable’.
 Jason audaciously gives the “all clear” thumbs up ready to go for the engineers to clear the way.
 Camera pulls out to expose the majestic Gen 2 car properly. Signalling lights are preparing the car for the safety challenge it is supposedly cooperating with. Here we see the car on its very own runway
 Extreme close up to the vehicles wheels speeding off – the examiners of the testing grounds are evidently stunned. This was an unarranged change of course. They are powerless
 Camera pulls out to show Jason making a break for it – smashing down the enclosure grid gate onto the open road
 Wide shot of the breath-taking city of Rome is revealed and the sites are undisturbed and magnificent. The moon is fading over the dominant architecture
 Keeping our wide shot, we evidently see Jason marking his territory on the city roads. Blue formula E colours tracing his route to construct a fictional racing track. He zips away with champion determination
 Drone shot presents our Gen 2 riotously speeding a roundabout overtaking every passing vehicle in a flash
 Pull to a mid shot of an on duty “polizia” who has recorded this vehicles behaviour with intension to discipline it
 Drone shot – tram approaching! Gen 2 escapes its fatal destiny by expert driving from Jason. We see how close it came to danger as the track reveals in its path
 A grandma is making a caffé in the comfort of her home. She is stunned by the disruption of the passing vehicle. Her hairs stand on end. She is visibly bothered by the electric activity
 Extreme wide shot of Jason grinding to a halt to respectfully allow the horse to take priority of the road hierarchy. This is the only shot the car stops in motion
 Mid shot of Vespa being aggressively impacted by the speed of the car. The arrogantly self aware driver of the bike loses balance and is embarrassed
 A drone shot overlooking the still scenes of Rome with a stunning outline of the Formula E track glowing bright blue shows the course Jason has travelled. We then have a galactic view of planet Earth in complete eerie silence setting a sense of calm before…
 In good time Jason returns to the examining test track with speed back through the gates that have temporarily been fixed – now to be broken once again. The vehicle is evidently dirty, owning it’s muddy wet exterior showing signs of a great adventure
 Mid shot – Jason swaggers out the car implying “the car does the job perfectly – Ciao ”. His body glitches with electric static
 Your roads. Our rules.
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